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Small Strokes

My Story

My name is Beverley Marsh and this is my story about how I got here.

Like a lot of other people I found myself in an environment working with people that didn't inspire me so I decided to start something that would create the environment that would make me happy and build a business around something that I am passionate about. Graphic art. 

The Marsh Gallery was launched in June 2019 and is the start of something I hope that will allow me to design and build to the end of my life which is hopefully still some distance away.

I have spent most of my life creating "things"and doing some kind of craft so finding and developing a product wasnt difficult but designing and developing something that is hand made with quality workmanship, love and care but still affordable and marketable is a challenge.

I also wanted to design something that reflected my origins and Africa is my inspiration.

Africa is and will always be a continent of amazingly creative people. From the person on the side of the road that has taught themselves a skill or craft to enable them to survive to the sculptor or artist that is recognised internationally, Africa continues to amaze and surprise me with its beauty and skill.

The Africa Collection is a series of picture frames that is made up of hand drawn patterns painted or printed directly onto recycled aluminum sheets and used as a frame to african woodcut prints or a choice of photography or any artwork of choice. They are inspired by textile fabrics, geometric shapes that is so predominant in African art and the love of the land with so many natural textures.

This process led me onto realising that any pattern can become a frame and so having started with a range developed for the hospitality and decor industry I  created a range of frames aimed at parents who love their kids.

A range of cute animal patterns I found and used as a photo frame or to be used as a decorative frame together with some bright and delightful illustrations.

Doodle art has also developed into something interesting and is amazingly suited to the idea of frame patterns so there is also a range of similar yet unique doodle art frames.

I hope that if you are reading this you have enjoyed what I have developed so far that you will subscribe so I can update you on what comes next.



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